Smartfood R&D

From research to smartfood R&D

smartfood R&D was originally built on the foundations of over five years’ research into interactions between bacteria and the natural properties of raw materials, carried out by Frank Cleophas, founder of smartfood R&D. Frank made several interesting discoveries during his research; he succeeded in giving food a longer shelf life by using the natural properties of raw materials. Today smartfood R&D has amassed over one hundred years of R&D expertise.

smartfood R&D is the R&D specialist for food manufacturing companies. We have a dedicated team, each person an absolute specialist in their field of expertise: product development, R&D, process validation, microbial and chemical analyses and challenge testing.

Integrated approach

The implementation of innovative product concepts requires more than just the development of recipes and the execution of shelf-life tests. Assessment of food safety and food quality risks, process know-how, and thorough experience in recipe scale-ups play a crucial role. We call this our integrated approach and we regard this as an obvious part of successful R&D.

Preservation of the future

Over the next few years smartfood R&D will stand out in the R&D market by developing innovative preservation techniques, which will help us to stay ahead of new food shelf-life innovations in the market. For years we have been developing and implementing clean-label preservation, e-number reduction, sugar reduction and salt reduction in food products.

At the moment we are working hard on completing our excellence in new preservation concepts such as the controlled spoilage of food products and the application of protective bacterium cultures for improving the shelf life of chilled products. We expect these techniques to be of major significance for the (near) future of food shelf life.

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