Predictive modelling: Spoilage flora

Predictive modelling for spoilage-causing bacteria

Having carried out over 1,000 challenge tests with spoilage-causing bacteria and fungi over the last 25 years, we have built up an extensive track record among clients, in the Netherlands and abroad, in predictive modelling of spoilage flora.

Predictive modelling combined with shelf-life testing

There are no guarantees when it comes to predicting food shelf life. However, we do know from experience that the combination of predictive modelling and a challenge test, or a combination of predictive modelling and accelerated shelf-life tests, provides a very reliable indication of the expected shelf life of a product.

The wide range of product groups on which we have worked are too many to list here. The range includes: soups, sauces, mayonnaises, dressings, salads, ready meals, cooked pasta and rice products, confectionery, fish products, meat products, dairy products, meat substitutes, desserts, bread products and bakery products, jams and fruit fillings, coffee and tea, drinks, juices and non-food products.

Integrated approach

We draw up our findings in a report, along with recommendations regarding recipe modifications, production standards to be adopted, and other practical recommendations. We do all this in consultation with our clients in order to ensure that the recommendations that we make are practical, applicable and feasible.

Product groups and processes

Our expertise in predictive modelling for spoilage flora includes the following product groups and processes:

  • Ambient stable cold process preservative-free
  • Ambient stable cold process with preservatives
  • Chilled cold process preservative-free
  • Chilled cold process with preservatives
  • Ambient stable hot fill preservative-free
  • Ambient stable hot fill with preservatives
  • Chilled hot fill preservative-free
  • Chilled hot fill with preservatives
  • Sterilisation processes
  • Pasteurisation processes


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