Accelerating shelf-life tests is our absolute speciality. Based on over 25 years of experience in accelerating shelf-life tests, we can quickly make a reliable estimation of a product’s expected shelf-life. Combined with predictive modelling, our expertise in accelerated shelf-life tests allows our clients to capitalise on a constantly changing market.

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We are widely known because of our expertise in predictive modelling using pathogens and spoilage organisms. In addition to predicting food shelf-life, we also use predictive modelling to validate pasteurisation, sterilisation and other processes. Predictive microbiology – referred to as predictive modelling in reverse – even allows us to go back in time, where we can establish the cause of microbiological spoilage in retrospect.

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The extensive smartfood R&D collection of pathogenic and spoilage-causing micro-organisms provides various relevant strains for microbiology challenge tests for each product, process and storage condition. Our expertise in the acceleration of challenge tests with pathogens and spoilage-causing micro-organisms is unparalleled in the market. 

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High-quality R&D involves more than predictive modelling and shelf-life tests alone. Other crucial factors include support in the development of recipes, the listing of microbiological risks, securing quality risks, knowledge of processes and a wide experience in scaling-up recipes. We refer to this as an integral approach, which we consider to be self-evident components of high-quality R&D.

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R&D is our passion; food shelf-life our speciality. Our close-knit and experienced multidisciplinary team of undisputed specialists works on practical solutions for any shelf-life issue. In addition, the team avails of specialist knowledge in the areas of product development, R&D, process validation, microbiology, physico-chemical analyses and challenge testing.

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Over the next few years, smartfood R&D will invest in innovative conservation concepts to further distinguish itself in the market. We specialise in clean label conservation, E-number reduction, salt reduction and sugar reduction. In addition, we are trendsetters in the implementation of innovative concepts such as controlled spoilage and the application of specific cultures of bacteria to improve food shelf-life. 

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We offer our clients an integrated approach in the performance of shelf-life tests L. monocytogenes, in accordance with EU 2073 and info sheet 85 NVWA (Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority): we support our clients in developing adapted recipes, implementing and scaling up these recipes, substantiating the growth potential of Listeria monocytogenes by executing physico-chemical determinations, doing Listeria monocytogenes challenge tests and by drawing up reports in accordance with info sheet 85 NVWA.

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